Inspired by Alvin Curran’s masterpiece, Giardino Magnetico is the new multidisciplinary format developed by GALLLERIAPIÙ. The project is curated by three independent realities active in Italy. Islands is the artistic collective already head of the creative direction of the last edition of IMAGO, a sound and visual arts festival sponsored in 2015 by the City of Bologna and the Istituzione Bologna Musei, hosted in the same year by the Medieval Civic Museum and the Certosa of Bologna; Communion is the collective born from the experience of the occupation of M ^ C ^ O (new center for arts, culture and research based in Milan in viale Molise) who has recently started a record production activity; Artetetra is a record label whose numerous publications have been welcomed with interest from the specialized international press.
Giardino Magnetico is articulated in a series of audio-visual interventions characterized by a naturalistic and exotic research, which are able to trigger a short-circuit between experience and the unreal, to highlight connections and discrepancies between imaginary and existing landscapes, sounds, populations.